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    What's the diff?

    Would like to point out that the negative points list post above was pretty much nothing but opinion (well, except maybe for the fact that leaves don't blow... and thank god for that IMO, my cpu can barely cope as is ;p), while this thread is centered around factual differences between OFP and ArmA, so the mods doing something about it is certainly not a bad idea. But anyway, to make MY post relevant: I don't see why anybody hasn't mentioned this, the one reason that really got me interested in ArmA in the first place, TRACKIR. Come on, there's simply NO other game out there that gives an experience even close right now. Flight sims? Sure, although the hardcore helicopter combat STILL hasn't arrived, and won't for probably at least a couple more months. The fact is, this game has more use of TrackIR than anything out there, not to mention the ONLY use when it comes to tactical shooters. Plus, the idea that 6DoF is in development almost makes me giddy