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    After v.26 whenever I get into a vehicle like humvee or fly a plane. In the car you cant see more that 10 meters in front of you then everything turns green except sky and when you fly the ground is nothing but a flat texture of green, no trees nothing just green. It only happens in first person view and only in later versions. In version 1.20 is was fine but after the problem makes itself known. ANyone help please? My machine is 450mz 288 mg ram ati Radeon pci basics/
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    Enemy accuracy through trees

    forgive me but when I said I am german general in last post, it was mistake! oops. d*amn vodka
  3. desantnik

    Enemy accuracy through trees

    maybe Russians just have a sixth sense about fat americans in the forest? I am a german general once said that they have retained greater that any other person a bond to the earth? I dont know but maybe the vodka helps in a bit.
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    How do I give a civilion a kozlice rifle?