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    battleye admin kick

    If any one tell me how to contact creator I would be very grateful of tell me my story to them pls my game name is chenzy
  2. chenzhonyi1122

    battleye admin kick

    I was get banned permanently by mistake creator help me I'm not cheating help U cant do this please reply me I was Big fan of arma i will tell what happen one day I was with low quality of network and every thing is lagging then I feel bored and starting shooting players at base at arma koth then I found a secret ,if I shoot at model stuck at home when the signal is poor they will be killed at any where out of zone,because they have gone out of zone,but at my pc ther still stuck at spawn and they receive the damage,then an angly guy reported me using the photo when I killed him using gun other 3000meter, I can tell you for sure I didn't cheat.