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  1. Hello. For the past hour or so I've tried to link an addaction to another addaction in the init field of a data terminal.
    Here's my notes for that init section and the script.

    //Add an action to a data terminal to open it
    //When that action is activated by a player, it will add another action
    //When that second action is activated, it will run an .sqf file that
    //consists of the nopop variable
    this addAction ["Startup Terminal", {[KillhouseControl,1] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate;
    this addAction ["Start Killhouse", targetup.sqf}]];
    this addAction ["Shutdown Terminal", {[KillhouseControl,0] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate;}];
    //To-do: Remove action

    First of all, is there anything I'm doing wrong?
    Second of all, is there a way to do this?

  2. On 7/24/2018 at 9:23 AM, pierremgi said:

    yep! my bad. I have more time to write something more convenient:


    0 = this spawn {
      while {alive _this} do {
        _this setVariable ["invUnifPlyr",uniformItems _this];
        sleep 2;
    0 = this spawn {
      _unif = uniform _this;
      while {alive _this} do {
         waitUntil {sleep 0.3; !(uniform _this isEqualTo _unif)};
         removeUniform _this;
         _inv = _this getVariable ["invUnifPlyr",uniformItems _this];
         _this forceAddUniform _unif;
         {_this addItemToUniform _x} forEach _inv;


    Is there a way to do this while using custom textured uniforms using setObjectTextureGlobal?

  3. Right now, I'm trying to make a mission where BLUFOR and OPFOR (OPFOR will be AI) are competing to conquer as much territory as possible.
    There will be main bases, FOBs, checkpoints, paths, and a town.
    Main Bases - the main base and main spawn, usually one team's final objective
    FOBs - forward operating bases (you should know that already) with spawns, vehicles, and an arsenal; is an objective
    Checkpoints - both sides have to capture checkpoints for points and a temporary spawn; is an objective and the most common one
    Paths - everything above this will be connected via paths. Basically it's just a corridor that connects every objective together; not an objective
    Town - a town surrounded by walls, optimized for intense CQB and will be half-way through the mission; is an objective
    The thing is, these will all be randomly generated excluding the main bases. I am very new to coding, so it's really hard for me and I couldn't find anything to help me with this.
    I do not want to use MCC or ALiVE because those 2 are equally broken.
    I'm looking for someone to do this.

    Edit: as a side-note, this will all be in the VR terrain.

  4. Maybe add some chemical grenades?
    Most notably:
    CS - Turns nearby units vision white for 5 seconds then blurs vision of nearby units for 30+ seconds, reducing their speed, turn speed, aim, and reduces their courage.
    Tin(IV) - Same as CS but has the possibility to incapacitate affected units with ACE3.
    OC - CS but it's shorter and it doesn't turn vision white.

    All of these are ranked yellow, and the effects of each do not go through walls.