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  1. An ExileMod override that replaces flat armor sum being displayed on Vests and Helmets with a more accurate damage reduction stats from projectiles and explosions. Download: Github installation: Download and drop the override file to a 'folder-of-your-choice' Add following line in your missionconfigfile > config.cpp > CfgExileCustomCode : ExileClient_util_item_getMainStats = "'folder-of-your-choice'\ExileClient_util_item_getMainStats.sqf"; Preview: Disclaimer: Stats are a really rough approximation which purpose is mainly to be able to make more informed decisions. These stats will not protect you from headshots, indirect damage and getting Arma'd.
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    Roaming AI A3XAI

    I have made a little update for A3XAI: https://github.com/TheGrayJacket/A3xai-2.4 FIXED : Vehicles appearing in custom blacklisted areas ADDED : You can now set the max number of AI passengers inside air vehicles To update from 0.2.3, replace following files : a3xai\init\loadSettings.sqf // Included airCargoUnits a3xai\init\A3XAI_custom_loader.sqf // Added 30 second timer to give script time for setting up Blacklist zones before it attempts to spawn vehicles a3xai\scripts\setup_veh_patrols.sqf // Added "waitUntil {uiSleep 0.3; (!isNil "A3XAI_customSpawnsReady")};" at line 4 a3xai\compile\A3XAI_unit_spawning\A3XAI_spawnVehiclePatrol.sqf // Added above + condition for blacklisted areas a3xai\compile\A3XAI_utilities\A3XAI_fixStuckGroup.sqf // Added condition for blacklisted areas a3xai\compile\A3XAI_group_functions\A3XAI_generateLootOnDeath.sqf // replaced "magazines" with "magazine" (code expects string) And also compare and add few lines from following files: a3xai_config\a3xai_custom_defs.sqf // Added detailed instructions with examples on how to create custom spawns. a3xai_config\config.cpp // Added "airCargoUnits" variable at line 325 - it is set to 2 by default so make sure you change this to 0 if you don't want AI passengers! a3xai\compile\A3XAI_unit_spawning\A3XAI_createUnit.sqf // I have commented out part which add money on AI so if you want this back, remove the block comment that starts at line 17