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  1. 2 minutes ago, Grumpy Old Man said:

    Something like this?


    _isInGroup = {
    	params ["_unit"];
    	count units group _unit > 1
    	if (player call _isInGroup AND !(_x call _isInGroup) AND player distance _x <= 10) then {
    		[_x] join group player;
    } forEach (allPlayers - [player]);




    That looks promising, ill give it a try now :)

  2. Im working on a mission using Ryans Zombies & Demons, and im sure you can guess what type of mission it is lol

    Im using the Proving Grounds map from CUP Terrains 1.3 and am spawning in 6 playable units at different locations on the map and ungrouped (well, not it a squad).


    What i am trying to accomplish is:


    When players get to below 10 meters from another player = Check is both are in a squad, if not create one and place both units in, or if one is a member of a squad then place the other unit into his squad.

    Sounds crazy when i type it out but hopefully you get my meaning...


    Im just unsure how to go about this...


    forEach / distance / join / createGroup / etc etc....

    Any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated and placed into my pastebin once completed :)


    Kind regards


  3. A a cqb training project, one would assume you have more than 1 shoot house?

    So i would do the following:


    1) Place your targets inside your first shoot house and name them:

    House1_Target1, House1_Target2, House1_Target3, House1_Target4 etc....


    2) outside the house, place an infostand and use addaction within init:

    this addAction ["Reset Targets", "popup.sqf"]


    3) popup.sqf:

    house1_target1 animate["terc", 0]
    house1_target2 animate["terc", 0]
    house1_target3 animate["terc", 0]
    house1_target4 animate["terc", 0]
    house1_target5 animate["terc", 0]
    // Continue to equal the amount of targets
    hint "Shoot House 1 Targets reset";


    It's easy to sort once you've done it once :)

    Serena was correct in their post, i just thought i'd elaborate a little.


    ( You can name popup.sqf to house1_reset or similar, just be sure to update the addAction to show this change )