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  1. 14 hours ago, Gabriel.13 said:

    This is 100% not airsoft



    This guy is super scrawny, his top isn't even tucked like anyone with a brain would tuck it. 
    On the PC the front Mag shingle is some knock off brand

    the U94 looks so fake with the plastic it's made out of.
    The Set-up on the both Cumber Buns Scream "I don't know what I'm Doing. On this dudes non dominant side he has a M4 Taco pouch in a way that he would struggle to the moon and back to pop a mag out of it. and the top of the mag would be in his arm pit. 
    The PC doesn't even have plates in it. If it does, they are the wrong damn size.
    Blackhawk SERPA Holster? LOL not authorized (Last Time I checked)
    The Mag belongs to what appears to be a Glock 19. The Quality of the photo make it difficult to ID if its real or fake. 
    The Rat Tail is hooked up in a way that if it gets caught on anything, say good riddance to ever having kids. 
    Why the hell is anyone wearing gloves indoors? 
    Who kits up just to take a photo like this that isn't airsoft?
    Shemag indoors? Are you kidding me?
    NVG Mount appears to be wrong shade of color to be real. (This could be chalked up to lighting)
    Belt set-up isn't good for fighting
    Carabineer on Dominant side looks like it came from a gas station down the road


    I've seen too much of people trying to act/look cool to shoot BBs at each other then turn around and claim they're something their not. Not trying to crap on this post or anything, but I'm telling you, this does not appear to be a Ranger. 

    P.S. Don't stand so flat footed your toes are about to touch the ceiling.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Lothear said:

    That's true. I've even heard of some DG guys still using 6094s or seen the Unit guy using Comtacs 1. But as I said, I have only seen LBHs recently so that's what I considered to be the standard helmet now.


    Don't take this the wrong way. But you've got ZERO clue of what you're talking about...

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  3. On ‎2‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 11:33 AM, johnhansen said:


    it is necessary to make a script that the parachute automatically opens


    Yes, if possible. I know DEGA Parachutes had that capability before ArmA did some updates. They may still work but I haven't used them in quite some time. That could be a good source to use or look for and ask the creator questions if you need help with that.

  4. MC-1, much like the MC-6 and MC-7, Canopy only turns on a vertical axis to help the jumper put the nose of his canopy into the wind for landing and to "run" or "crab" with the wind. Unlike the T-10 and T-11 where the canopy doesn't really "Turn" but the Jumper manipulates the risers to pull a "Slip". If you're looking for realism then this will be the most accurate. If you're looking for something to work well in ArmA, then keep at it. I'm very interested in this mod and will be following. I have quite a bit of knowledge about Military Parachutes and functionality if you ever have any questions. 

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  5. So I'm trying to put in a new backpack and I'm running into 2 large issues. 

    The first issue is that my backpack is not located correctly on the characters back. it is located down by the characters feet. How do I go about moving this to get it in the correct position? Gyazo picture for reference: https://gyazo.com/4a8dfe6e26d54b30bc15f686c2858157


    The second issue is that the model is somehow "flipped" where the left side is on the right side, and the right side is on the left. With that, the textures are actually on the inside of the model and not on the outside making it to where you can see through the model. Look closely, you will notice the texture you do see, is what is supposed to be against the back of the character. Gyazo picture for reference:

    If anyone has any ideas that can help me figure this out would be absolutely appreciated. I'm very new to the modding community, so anything will help.

  6. I have 2 models. I parachute model and a Altimeter model. I would like them put into ArmA3. The Altimeter would be worn on the jumpers left wrist when they put on the parachute and does not need to function. it is just a aesthetic prop. The parachute on the other hand, should work as the steerable parachute does on ArmA 3. I would like this to be titled "MFF Rig"

    I would like a second version exactly like that titled "MFF Jumpmaster". the only difference on this one, would be if we can get the TFAR long Range radio script added to it so it acts as if it has a radio inside. This is for the JM to talk with the pilot. 

    Money on the line here. If you can do it and are willing to do it, send me a message on steam and we can get to talking. 

    Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/PhilAbney97/

  7. I've actually stopped playing ArmA because i'm too excited about the RHS update... I just refresh this page over and over again... haha, well I hope everyone here had a wonderful holiday season! The new year is around the corner as well as a RHS update. (God knows when) Cant wait to see some more teaser pictures!!!! And I've heard rumors of the SOC-R possibly being done! Keep up the good work RHS!