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  1. Hello thx for your jobs !

    We use Patrol Ops in my team, but we have some problems:


    1-We never see Sniper Team, but she is on script why ? ?


    2-Kajman pop very often, how modify that ? Less often ?


    3-How to add plane,the AAF AA ? (I add this on Patrol_OPS_3 configurations.hpp, but don't work)


    4-How to delete "assign as driver/pilot" system ?


    5-And we don't have these task : Rescue Pilot, AttackConvoyArmour, AttackConvoySupplies, ClearRunway,defend DamageBoat


    Thx for answers, and your job ! Sorry for language, i'm not english ...


    6-P.S The I.A spawn with players on server, or if i have 1 player or 22 on the server it's the same thing ?

  2. Hello very useful addon more thank's for you job !!

    And thx for you answer.

    But sometimes on our dedicated server, we have a problem, we are two Zeus on our community, and when we make zeus together or not after x time, we can't add more units, and last night in game my zeus module disappear and i cani't access to the zeus. I don't know why ?


    Sorry for language, French with bad english.


    And more thx !!


    Edit: Can you add Module to your mods : Copy/Paste units keeping the same equipment after having built it ?

  3. Hello thx for this mods very, very good job !!


    But i have a probleme with AresMod AchilleExpansion and MCC 4 i'can't add or remove objects to zeus ares

    And other feature, change time, weather, kill units with end, and other ...


    Do you have a solution ?





    Sorry for language, I'm French and thx !