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  1. Appreciate the answer, interesting!


    Can't say I'm a fan of IdZ stuff either... I personally don't like too modern a feel when it comes to representing modern-day militaries.


    While I agree with @pipewr3nch that Kleiderkammer has higher-quality content, the BWMod IMO has by far the highest quality vehicles of any mod. Have you guys considered vehicles, or will you rely on other mods like BW and Alpion's NH90 for that?

  2. Hey mondkalb, nice to see that you are still around! The pictures look amazing.


    @Aniallator: No, there won't be any Tropen versions of the Koppel and Splitterschutzweste, since there weren't any in real life. We are working on other vests which will also be available in Tropentarn.


    Here is a WIP picture of the Lindnerhof Gen 5 plate carrier in coyote:


    Ah OK. What are the Tropen vests seen worn by German soldiers if Afghanistan?

  3. CUP has advantages



    1. It runs better


    2. It has some weapons/vehicles that RHS doesnt have and will probably never have 


    3. This is my own personal view but many of its sounds are MUCH better (the RPG and the SAM launchers notably)


    4. It has fewer scripts and runs better with ACE


    Ah, good points. In the end though visual quality is the big winner, and RHS really wins there. Would be interesting to see in the future if we can choose to use just RHS, just CUP, or both!

  4. Nice updtae thanks, but is it possible to have a full CUP support without RHS ?


    Why though, given that a lot of RHS content is new, not ported, and is of higher quality?


    Anyway, love the EC-635, and just wondering if it'll get an Iraqi texture and have the Heer one done away with? How I've been wanting an Iraqi texture for Aplion's EC-635 for sooo long :)

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    I'll throw this ideas here  because probably i'm gonna stop working with Arma 3 anymore so i wont really care, also i won't update my ravage based missions anymore unless truly necessary (got bored already really).

    Hope those could be implemented sometime, because they will give a nice touch.

    • Car hit sounds for zombies.
    • Regenerate health while sleeping or resting on a sleeping bag or a folded tent.
    • Craft first aid kits from bandages and blood bags. (from Arma3 Inventory usable Items).
    • Option to put custom items to loot tables, like the zombies uniform override feature [""].
    • Delete zombies when they get too close to a blacklisted flag or a blacklisted module.
    • (Suggested previously) Make gas mask as nvg item/slot so screen fx effects can be applied.



    +1, especially to the last one, would really really love to see gasmask screen FX.

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  6. Looks great, and looking forward to what may come from this! Some aggressive dogs would definitely benefit post-apocalyptic scenarios :) Now I'm just thinking out loud, but would it be possible to add a death scream/cry of pain when attacked/killed by a raptor? Just watched jeza's cool vid, and thought how much cooler it would've been if you heard that when the raptors took out his AI buddies. Thoughts?