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  1. Sadly they will all be Separate and not attached to Uniforms like RHS has it, If I could do that I certainly would to tell you the truth. Yeah :) Haha, The Marine - Coast Guard Patches wont be released until later though as I'm getting all Army Units done first but the next Update SHOULD add most to all Marines and Navy then Air Force. But hey, if I learn a little more about this and stuff I might be able to make it like how RHS has it and that would make it so much nicer.


    I'm happy with what you're doing now... but yeah, would be awesome to see all your patches the way RHS does them  :D

  2. Those are planned :) I will be doing most to all current active US Army Infantry Divisions, EOD Groups, Corps, SF Groups, Marine Divisions, Navy Units, Air Force ECT... Also a few planned Miscellaneous Patches too. 


    Haha sorry, just realized you had that on the first page! So these will be separate patches, or uniforms with patches the way RHS does?

  3. Is this mod still in development? There's just so much more that can be added :)


    Hey excess3,


    I have some questions for you.

    I want to ask you if its possible to create:


    1. C-130J Super Hercules: ‘Shimshon’ retexture (RHS One)

    2. AH-64 Longbow: 'Saraf' retexture (RHS One)

    3. More HMMVW's with IDF Retexure

    4. Balaclavas and IDF Large Radio Backpack (From TFAR)

    5. M72 LAW Rocket Launcher

    6. Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion: 'Yassur'



    Good stuff here, would love to see some Sarafs! I would also suggest the M113. And if possible, please remove the RHS dependency on WithSix, not everyone uses RHS from WithSix so it makes getting this mod off WithSix problematic as WithSix requires you first download a mod's dependencies.

  4. Actually I have a suggestion for BWMod team. Maybe a good idea would be to implement Leopard 2 and Puma fire control systems directly to the mod, and not be dependant on ACE3, especially that not all players use ACE3 for variety of reasons.


    ACE3 is pretty modular, if you only want to use the FCS delete any unnecessary PBOs.

  5. You are likely running another mod that is breaking the 3CB scripts. The CBA compatibility pbo "may" fix the problem but it's worth removing your mods one by one to work out which one is actually broken so you, and we can tell the author.


    In the meantime, go to "optionals" in the CBA main folder and move "cba_enable_auto_xeh.pbo" file to Addons folder.


    Thank you, will do :)