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  1. Hey man the unit im apart of recently selected to use your typhoon and the tgp mod to complement it, will be more than happy to pass feedback after having it for a week or 2 we already have a suggestion maybe reach out to John spartan and see if you can implement his ejection seat and afterburner s with the effect 2 other than that not much else to complain on good job my friend keep doing what your doing and build on the strong foundations you've built yourself on this mod.

  2. hello there im part of a milsim unit much like your own 3 commando.. in particular im part of the flight element and we were curious if it were possible to apply different textures to it that would only slightly change how it looked just being able to add these insignias to the right arm freeing the left arm for the squad URLXlwXv5W.pnglatest?cb=20141229171458