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  1. Alright, i'll see what I can do. 

    On 2018-03-14 at 9:45 AM, lightspeed_aust said:

    I want to flag something I noticed and for your consideration. Picture 7 on previous page shows at left side a cliff face with loads of rocky features. But amazingly at right shows equally steep face but is totally smooth and white. Looks very unrealistic, needs some blending.

    Thank you for pointing this out, i'll have a look at it.

  2. 2 hours ago, Verdet said:


    Any news? :)

    My bad for not saying anything for 3 months. I have stopped working on the map at this time sadly. It might be something I return to in the future but sadly I do not have the time right now as i'm now a map developer for arma 3 life.

  3. Hello! I have as of recently been getting the classic error message of "BattlEye Client Not Responding" and then being kicked off the server i'm on. I get into the server and can run around for 1 minute and then I get kicked off.


    I have tried:


    * Restarting my router

    * Restarting my pc

    * Reinstalling battleye

    * Completely deleting and reinstalling battleye (http://customcombatgaming.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26088-instructions-manually-repair-battleye-for-arma-3/)

    * Verify game integrity files.

    * Reinstalled the mods for the server.


    I would be very thankfull for any help I receive as this is getting quite annoying at the moment. Thank you for taking your time to read this.





  4. On 2017-12-12 at 9:10 AM, Victim_913 said:

    First, have you used TB before? Do you know what the controls are? like for movement, etc. They are crappy key bindings. Very diff from game or editor. How did you acquire the terrain, etc?

    And the .paa file? What is it? and what is it's location? I've learned recently, thanks to ROF, that extractpbo from mikero is the best if not only way to easily get the pbo's in the right place. If its an arma pbo, it's likely in the wrong place. Speaking from experience.


    Without knowing anything about how you set up and what you are using, it's hard to say.


    For me, I used L3dt. I create my terrain from there. then import it to tb. I have modified many aspects of the terrain and have made many adjustments to the 3 layers you speak of.

    TB might be the worst way to edit that. You would have to change the sizes in the mapframes, then adjust terrain by hand. a lot of work. If you have an xyz for your heightmap, you could load it into  L3dt. Then from there you can play around with what you want. You should be able to add more terrain without wiping out your original. Im not sure at the moment, but there should be settings that allow you to add more terrain without stretching your existing one. You would have to shape the terrain yourself but it's really easy and you could follow the contours from your existing one........I just thought of a problem with what you want. if you add "random" terrain it would be random, duh, but that means you might have a smooth hill but then, where you added, you might get a straight drop, or straight up, or below sea. So you don't want random.


    If all that works with what you want, you can import back to TB. Then export the attributes map and the texture(sat) map. They will match your new terrain. And if you want to edit those 2, you can use gimp or photoshop, then put them in tb. I don't think you need a normal map.


    Then put them in your project. Instead of deleting the old ones, I put them in a backup folder, then rename my new xyz with the same name. Then instead of deleting and replacing and re entering settings, you cann just select the layer and click "refresh content from source" and rebuild terrain.

    But before that you would follow ROF's instructions. Change the mapframe options to reflect your desired result.



    You might find this mess I wrote helpful, but as I said without the info I first asked, I can't know exactly.

    Hi, sorry for the late response. I have used TB a lot before and I know the controls well. The terrain I acquired by making it, it is my own made terrain (Ergon County). The .paa file is a simple layers file that for some reason it does not want to open (have double checked that it's in the same location as it is supposed to).

  5. On 2017-12-01 at 9:36 PM, RoF said:

    Just increase the mapframe size, but keep the cell size the same. That way all buildings placed should stay the same.

    Hi, sorry for the late response, I thought a notification would pop up but it did not :/. I have done as you said but I have 2 questions (thanks for the help btw :)). When I start buldozer with it, it freezes and I cant move in it (I can see the map and objects in it tho) and how do I make it so that the terrain "continue" if you understand. So it isn't only land all the way but a randomly generated land mass instead. Thanks again for your response :). What I mean is that I wanna expand the mask, normal and sat randomly.



    Edit: Am also getting the error that it cannot open a .paa file that i've checked does in fact exist.

  6. Hello everyone. I would like to ask if there is anyone here who knows how you can expand your current terrain. What I mean by this is that I currently have a sat, a mask, normal and terrain.xyz and I want to expand so that I get further terrain to work with (expanding it basicly, adding, more specificly, increase it by 4 times. Thank your for taking your time to read this.



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  7. Update out!


    Version 0.45: 




    A sea around entire map. The terrain is now an island rather than a "landmass".

    The town of smithbrook. A small town next to a harbour on the eastern part of the map which also houses a small garrison in order to protect the harbour.

    Smithbrook Harbour, a harbour next to the town of Smithbrook. It is currently the only harbour in Ergon County.

    Several lagoons, mountainsides and a secret cave.

    Overall detail.



    Mostly minor fixes such as houses being badly leveled.

    Steep road outside of Wallingstone.




    If it doesn't update for you, try to unsubscribe from it on the workshop page and then re-subscribing.


    Screenshots from the new update:


















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