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  1. so the cheaters gonna use a 32bit windows os. so they dont need to sign the driver.

    for me it looks like u found a big cheat that uses unsigned drivers. the easiest way to deal with it is not letting the people use unsigned drivers (32bit users can still cheat).

    what about getting some able people to battleye that can deal with these things? yes anticheat developement is expensive :D

  2. No good news for me.

    Im using a mouse whose usb rate is 125Hz at standard. im running it at 500Hz that im able to play CS properly.

    The problem is that the driver that lets me use the 500Hz is not verified by Microsoft so i have to use the test signing mode.

    Really i had so much problems with this battleye. somehow i managed to fix every error every time. i was contacting the bohemia support and was complaining about the user-unfriendlyness of BE.

    but this is the complete difference. this is maximum user-unfriendlyness (if thats a word :D)

    Some stupid individuals are using cheats and because of this i cannot play a game for what i paid.

    I hope there is a solution. and no. i dont want to buy a new mouse.