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  1. i have the same problem as karakot2003. my AI whent set to EAST they kill each other. when set to west they dont but they also dont attack me.

    null = [["100"],[2,0],[2,1,75],[0,0],[0],[0],[0,0],[5,1,350,EAST,false,false]] call EOS_Spawn;

    just testing this out and already got issues :( i like this script though, i just need the enemy not to kill themselves.



    1. with EAST, they always kill each other after they spawn... and i didnt set them to be unfriendly with each other..


    i believe i have found a work around. in your missions init file, set the friends parameters as needed. i made sure that East was friendly to east and indep was enemy to west and so far they are doing what i want.

  2. its late and i just stumbled upon this. i have a quick question, idk if its been answered, but does GAIA script take control of units spawned from a seperate spawn script or ALIVE? like is it compatible with other spawn scripts or no?


    EDIT: a better question is does this work on a host game? do i need to change isServer to hasInterface? im super green to scripting, but i am learning. i just notice im not getting any editor placed units to cache. im putting the code in their init boxes

  3. are you guys running ACE 3.0.1. and CBA RC7 with the hotfix? apparently that fixes everything.

    or you can roll back your CBA to RC6 and run the initial release of ACE and if you updated your leights roll that back to the previous build and everything will work perfectly. i personally have not updated to the newest version of leights yet(no need to), i updated my CBA it broke ACE (initial) so i rolled it back to RC6 and everything is golden.

    ACE, ALIVE, LEIGHTS interactions work with previous builds, id hold off till everything is completely fixed in another update probably.

    i have a question for leight, do you know if your units work with ALIVE for suicide bombers and planting ieds? for some reason i havent seen them utilize IED's outside of having factories in my asymmetric mission. ive ran into civs with vests on but they dont use them either.

  4. How large are the operations (number of players and AI) you are usually playing when using ASR in combination with MCC?

    sorry for the late reply. i have my thing notify me weekly...may change it to daily. i use when i host so i usually running with 2-4 players and the AI is usually in the 20s i imagine. i dont like light fire fights lol i try to scale it to how many of us are playing though.

  5. super excited for the new and improved JSRS. was so sad when you took your hiatus after 1.42. i love the difference environment makes to the weapons sounds in the silencer vid. are you going to be improving enemy weapon sounds as well? they sound like absolute crap vanilla, all sound the same and not real at all lol. the snaps are ok, but dragon fyres were much better before they got broken by bis. really glad you are getting back into it. your work is appreciated by many.

    EDIT: just saw the video on the front page. good lord that is going to be pure gold for the ears when its ready.

  6. i use MCC with ASR all the time. works perfectly fine to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by AimerLeg View Post

    Is there a way to make AI ignore players/make them seem friendly? And this would be midway, someway to for example, not kill a player, but at any given moment you can have the players disguise be blown and ai atack him? So if I am a zeus, and I made players steal uniforms it would make sense if I could switch them to undercover.

    We had it in ArmA 2 MCC maybe I'll find the time to add it to ArmA3.

    ^please add it to arma 3, that would be glorious. open so many mission options.

  7. what map is that snow map? on the front page O_O

    EDIT: i would like to report an issue ive noticed, i can supply pics if needed. there is clipping going with the new winter uniforms and other vests except the winter tac vest, thats the only one that fits properly with the winter uniforms. also the balaclavas for some reason arent displaying how they should. my characters lips and parts of his nose protrude unnaturally from the balaclavas. i tried the ghost and the winter ones neither look like they do in the pics on the front page for me.

    i really like the mod, just pointing stuff out i noticed. hopefully its an easy fix :)

  8. so i successfully made an asym mode for kunduz, everything WAS working great and then i open the editor to fix some things and now my c2istar gives me a horrible error message and the objectives spawn off the map alot(which has happened before but not like this). when a objective does spawn on the map, theres no garuntee anything will be there, except enemies even though im supposed to take care of a troop transport or somehting. does anyone have any ideas?? what is the reason my c2istar fails so hard? here is a picture of the error ive been getting from c2istar everytime an objective is set even if it doesnt show up on the mayp ?id=449398802

  9. hi, i am in need of possible assistance. i did all the script stuff, files are good to go, i start the server(seems fine). i get in game search for server, all i see is my computers name, i click on it and it brings me to a mission/map select screen. i check server pop up window, it acknowledges i have connected. but it wasnt running what id instructed it to nor did it display the servers name. only my computers name. any ideas?

    EDIT: upon further investigation, it appears it loads off of my client, instead of itself for content like missions. also the name still does not display. i was able to see the mission i did want to load but it wasnt blue, n would not load. vanilla mission loads fine, aside from the server not displaying its name it seems to work somewhat. i notice it doesnt stay up when i leave the game though..so its not totally right yet i guess. can some one help me? im sure its something stupid im missing

    here is a list of the errors from the RPT file, idk where to begin. i may need to move my mods to the servers folder im guessing....even though i pointed it directly to them.

    17:07:22 ManagerConfig()

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string STR_USRACT_SWITCH_GUNS

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string STR_USRACT_SWITCH_ROCKETS

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string STR_USRACT_SWITCH_MISSILES

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string STR_USRACT_SWITCH_BOMBS

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string STR_CONTROLS_TOOLTIPS_SWITCH_GUNS

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string STR_CONTROLS_TOOLTIPS_SWITCH_ROCKETS

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string STR_CONTROLS_TOOLTIPS_SWITCH_MISSILES

    17:07:22 Cannot register unknown string

    Cannot update non class from class a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscCallSupport/Items/

    17:07:32 Cannot update non class from class a3\ui_f\config.bin/RscRadio/Items/

    17:07:33 dta\bin.pbo - unknown

    17:07:33 addons\a3.pbo - unknown

    17:07:33 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    17:07:33 @PRKZ | @PRKZ | false | NOT FOUND | | |

    17:07:33 @CAG_AG1.5 | @CAG_AG1.5 | false | NOT FOUND | | |

    17:07:33 @cba_a3 | @cba_a3 | false | NOT FOUND | | |

    17:07:33 @AliveServer | @AliveServer | false | NOT FOUND | | |

    17:07:33 @alive | @alive | false | NOT FOUND | | |

    17:07:33 Arma 3 DLC Bundle | dlcbundle | true | NOT FOUND | |

    17:26:15 Missing addons detected:

    17:26:15 aia_hotfix_config

    17:26:15 rhs_cti_insurgents

    17:26:15 pra3_kz

    17:26:15 alive_main

    17:26:15 alive_amb_civ_population

    17:26:15 alive_amb_civ_placement

    17:26:15 alive_sys_profile

    17:26:15 alive_mil_ied

    17:26:15 alive_civ_placement

    17:26:15 alive_mil_placement_custom

    17:26:15 alive_mil_cqb

    17:26:15 alive_mil_opcom

    17:26:15 alive_sys_aiskill

    17:26:15 alive_mil_logistics

    17:26:15 alive_mil_c2istar

    17:26:15 alive_sup_combatsupport

    17:26:15 alive_sup_cas

    17:26:15 alive_sup_artillery

    17:26:15 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.aia_hotfix_config, rhs_cti_insurgents, pra3_kz, alive_main, alive_amb_civ_population, alive_amb_civ_placement, alive_sys_profile, alive_mil_ied, alive_civ_placement, alive_mil_placement_custom, alive_mil_cqb, alive_mil_opcom, alive_sys_aiskill, alive_mil_logistics, alive_mil_c2istar, alive_sup_combatsupport, alive_sup_cas, alive_sup_artillery

  10. another thing just popped up, upon shutting it down and trying to create another one the server only gets to this point

    "12:37:39 Dedicated host created.

    12:37:42 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.198)

    12:37:42 Host identity created."

    shouldnt it always say game port 2302 steam querry 8777 or whatever the number is, below host identity?. it only did that once for me...

  11. why wont my missions save? i use the 3d editor to place some enemies in a building, ammo cache, and a tank and any other mission assets that'd make it fun but when i return to the game after shutting it off, my mcc file only loads the markers i placed on my map. i saved it as an sqm file, i loaded it to my profile, ive tried many a different method and failed. why wont my spawned enemy positions load/save?

    to be exact i was placing enemies inside the building at the villa of zargabad on the north east corner. i can erase the spawns and then reload the mission in the same game but if shut down arma and then restart it wont work, only display markers as stated. why wont my spawns positions save? what am i doing wrong?