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  1. Even a squad leader would give flanking commands ... so you have to as well.  There are commands for flanking (select fireteam, press 1 to open the move menu, choose the flank etc).  Clearing a building is harder but there are (or certainly were) scripts that did just that.


    For more control I recommend using C2 by madcheese .. just an amazing amount of control for your AI !

    Flank command didn't works fine. They didn't flank enemy, but flank their own team.

  2. Hi, I don't know if this is right section, but I would to know if you have my same idea: I would need those commands. Those command are even in OFP Dragon Rising that is worse then ArmA 3. I have to get too much "move there" command to flank enemy (giving fire at will command ai doesn't work like a squad), it isn't possible!