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Anyone been using UAV in multiplayer?

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After about 12 hours of tinkering, I finally have a working UAV in multiplayer on a dedicated server. It, for some reason, spawns two UAV's at a time. Not sure why, but it's not my biggest issue. I guess it's a good decoy anyway right?

The issue that I am trying to solve is the laser. If I host it on my own box, it's fine. I can take control, pan around, and fire the laser. When I move it over to the dedicated box, I get an issue. I can fire the laser initially, but it won't stay firing. Sometimes it fires for 2 seconds, sometimes for 5. It just randomly shuts itself off. I can fire it again right after that, but it does the same thing. Works fine as a surveillance aircraft to spot targets, I just can't mark anything for airstrikes. I noticed at night, my screen would also flicker to a green strobe when I was in DTV at the same time the laser turned off. In the daytime, I didn't see this. Either way, I am pretty lost at this point. The UAV script is running on the dedicated server, it does not run locally. Would it fix this if I could do it that way? Could that really be a factor? UAV is a predator if it helps anyone at all.

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