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mr blonde


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a cry for help to all the ofp experts.

can anyone give me some pointers for the scud mission?.im guessing the hill has something to do with it?but as soon as i get near,the spetz natz do me in!!!!

come on,give me some ideas!!

ps.....how many missions is there on the campaign game?

thanks as usual

mr blonde

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u can do it real fast. arm yourself with a law. leave your man at the start point. get in the jeep and take the right turn at the crossroad. drive to a base (dont worry its empty) after u pass it take left to the mountain (because of a bug u can climb almost any slope .

when u reach the top (on foot or in the jeep, becarfull there r enemy patrols around the top) go to grid DJ51, tour the grid a bit and every few steps check the valley with the law reticle (im guessing u already know where it is by now). shoot the scud from above (its better u save before the shot). after taking it out start returning to the jeep, the mission should be over after a few sec.

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there are two ways of doing this

leaving your men behind and just using a LAW on it, and then running for your life

the Hard way, if you can really Cordinate your men, you can get through this in stages with only a few losses

Load your self with a LAW (x3) at the Briefing Stage

have all hold fire

(you may run into a sniper, just kill him, but a BMP and a T-72 will come, take them out with just your LAW man to help)

(the following will go on the basis that you never killed any snipers till you saw the enemy tanks)

once you come up to the 1st BMP/Shilka/T-72, order all to go Prone, order all you men to hide behind some treesm then move back a bit and order you Law man in to a direct line so he can see his target, only use him on the shilka or BMP

Call in the Tanks and have them go the east route

you might see the t-72 at the same time, set your AT man in view of the T-172, then get your law ready (the AT man has the Larger Anti Tank launcher)

now order each to aattck his target, and then you fire on the T72 as well

this should dispatch both with ease

ordr all to stand up, and to Fire

another two tanks will come to investigate, order your LAW man to attack, and fire on targets your self, you should kill them all no prob this way

now the war begins, your M1A1s will be advancing about now, you have to keep ahead of them and kill any RPG men you see

now order men to go prone again when they get to a really big crest, you'll need to do this becasue LOTS of Spets Nats will come, be sure to kill every RPG man you see, you'll be now low on LAWs so start grabbing RPGs from the dead russains

kill at least 3 shilkas before you order your choppers in

and then you'll be fairly safe, move slowly in to kill the Scud , it has two Shilkas with it, try and keep close to the trees

it's tough and these Diections may be a little hard

but like I said this is the Harder way

it's a pretty Big battle too

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