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How to restrict Achilles object attribute for an RTS scenario?

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How can I restrict "Object attributes" like Fuel, Ammo and Skill with Achilles mod?

Vanilla "Set Attributes - Objects" module doesn't work.

I want to make an RTS style mission but vanilla zeus has lack of functions for commanding AI, Achilles mod has more functions and waypoint types like "Turn off engine, Fastrope and Paradrop"

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I've been trying to do the same thing! You could try setting up an editable area, it's possible that editing skill etc. may not be possible outside an editable area. 


Since you're here, you may have an answer to my problem too, if you don't mind. I'm trying to add in modules to the module section of a limited zeus for my RTS gamemode. However, I can't find any feature that allows me to add modules to a zeus, like in the EDEN or something. Any ideas? 



(Also, Achilles I believe is outdated and discontinued. Try Zeus Enhanced instead.)


EDIT: I figured it out, set the editing cost using the module in the EDEN editor to something very high, like 10. 

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