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'FREELOOK' Lag on 'CENTER LOOK' Position (Works with 1.60)

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Hello and hope everyone is well.


So we use a custom DVD patch with ARMA2 OA and REINFORCMENTS DVD, which is basically 1.60+ with no FREELOOK lag issues on that version.


We have updated ARMA OA to attempt to fix some errors and every update, even the Steam version and all the beta updates suffer from this.


No mods, 1 player spawn in the desert map in the Editor.


Hold 'Alt' which is Freelook, move the cursor left/right/up/down it dosent matter, the movement lags away from the initial center look position.


Try zooming in while using freelook, its absolutely awful, it only lags at the 'center look' position.


Look at this thread from 2012, the same issue exactly.


I have tried many theories, removing any TrackIR settings, resetting Deadzone, altering mouse smoothing and sensitivity with no luck? I must be making some mistake here I'm sure BIS devs wouldn't just leave this issue for 8+ years right?


I found this bug within 5 seconds of testing and I simply cannot aim correctly with this lag everytime you freelook, what is going off here?


Any help would be greatly appreciated as this occurs in vehicles and it looks like constant lag.




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Update here.


I've managed to track down the exact patch when the issue first occurs,


Last working patch

1.60 89096 - WORKS - PATCH -  [89086]  Experimental: A different way to handle mouse steering is

implemented for cars, tanks, boats and bikes.


The patch in question and the reason the freelook lags out from the center look view.

1.60 89162 - BROKEN - PATCH - [89104]  New: Implemented automatic looking intro turns when driving a car

with a mouse.


There is only one new feature in this patch - 'New: Implemented automatic looking intro turns when driving a car

with a mouse.' So this feature is breaking the freelook. Problem is that the feature is baked into the exe and we have spent weeks trying to figure this out.


What exactly is automatic looking intro turns?


This is the link to the patch in question.



Users on this beta patch thread 89162 mention that 'autocenter should be optional' but unfortunately cannot find any info on this, never mind how to disable the feature.


No-one on our server uses mouse to steer and I've mentioned the feature and no-one would use it either.


Please help us ARMA veterans.


Thankyou for your time and hope to speak soon.



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