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Frame skip issue [SOLVED by accident] Insights?

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I've suffered a frame skip issue for over a year that makes the game unplayable for PVP and no matter what I tried I just couldn't fix it from;


Re-installing Arma3 (multiple times)

Switch SSDs of Arma3 install

Various gfx card drivers

Adjusting *every* setting in Arma3

Adjusting *every* launch parameter in Arma3

Using performance .exes


Absolutely everything you can think of - anyway to cut a boring year long story short I bought another SSD, did a fresh Windows 10 install, a fresh install of Steam and Arma3 reset itself (I pointed the new install of steam to old Arma3 Steam files on game SSD). So I started Arma3 and played in clunko mode while I tried it out and the frame skip was cured!!!


Now I could not be arsed to go and edit every key mapping so I simply went to my old 'Arma3 other profiles' folder (on my old Windows install SSD) and copied across my profile .cfg, went into Arma and low and behold the frame skip was back...(wtf!!**??sdfgj$*&).


So  just to be sure I copied the *new* profile to the old Windows SSD, booted from there and again the frame skip was gone. So I'm all sorted but I wondered whether any super bright person fancied trying to see whether they could identify the offending entry(s) in the profile??? I know it's not Vsync even though it's on in the latest profile, I guess you could test whether it causes a frame skip on your system by simply copying it?


TL:DR - Frame skip?? - try deleting your Arma3 player profile and starting with brand new one.


Can't paste the configs here so may have to pm them if anyone is up for a challenge...

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