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ACC4I - Air Craft Command Control Computers Communications and Intelligence

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ACC4I - Air Craft Command Control Computers Communications and Intelligence 


This script/mod brings enhanced situational awareness and targeting capabilities for air Craft (something I feel the game is lacking).


+ adds an invisible UAV to serve as the targeting pod and laser
+ Interactive MFD
+ adds ability to interact with data links in real time
+ adds ability to interact with sensors in real time
+ TGP camera can lock to position or follow pilots view
+ TGP cam has night vision, IR+, and IR-
+ Adds navigational display
+ TGP cam and navigational display zoom
+ adds ability to cycle know targets present on data link and those known to pilot (I doubt the pilot would have knowledge of targets that the sensors don't). I plan to make the latter an option you can disable
+ while cycling system targets the TGP will lock to the current target, if in range (currently 3km)


 This is very much a work in progress, but I want to share it as a proof of concept to get feedback for suggestions and help if/where needed. Right now it's a set of scripts (easily hosted on a server and remote executed for clients). When it reaches a stable and near complete state I'll package it as a mod.


Controls (editable in game settings > controls > add-on settings)
Ctrl+z: toggle TGP cam mode
Ctrl+x: ACC4I action menu
Ctrl+c: MFD interaction
Ctrl+v: TGP/nav zoom out
Ctrl+b: TGP/nav zoom in

Ctrl+n: arm/disarm TGP laser


When you climb in a Air Craft you have to initialize ACC4I with Ctrl+x


*download mission template with scripts*

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