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Hey folks,


Having spoken with my community there's a good sense of interest in some new assets, particularly vehicles of the British armed forces but also some others.

Having recently completed my first mod for Arma, the STARstreak high velocity missile, I'd love to be able to continue this and provide some more, high quality vehicles and assets for our community and the Arma community at large to enjoy.


Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I've been unable to find work and am subsequently running out of money.


That's why I've set up a Patreon account to enable people to support my creative work. 

So if you're interested in supporting an aspiring developer and investing in some new content for the workshop, please consider checking it out!

I'm not really expecting much interest since I'm not an 'established' mod maker, but I'm pretty confident I have the skills, dedication and attention to detail.


Some assets our community expressed an interest in:


  • Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank (most likely start point)
  • Stormer HVM
  • CVRT / FV102 Striker / FV103 Spartan / FV107 Scimitar
  • Hawker Typhoon
  • Type 74









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