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First, I just want to tell you that this game is really good Free-To-Play Shoot 'n' Loot ! I'm having a lot of fun !

The entire idea of this game is great : the universe from Norway is awesome, the idea of the shelter, etc etc. Congrats, you have a really good game in your hands, good job dev team !


I think you should not focus on things such as the aiming, etc. because it's good enough to play and it's not the main point of the game (killing people). If people want to do some kills : go PUBG, Battlefield, COD : those games have great aiming because it's the point of those games.


The thing is, you will probably lose a lot of players soon in my opinion because of the crowns. 

Crowns are expensive and we can use it for 3 reasons : Boosters / Season Pass / Buy items in the shop.


People are getting pissed because of the fact that the crowns are expensive, so now nobody use any booster in the lobbys so the games start to be a bit boring because there is no challenge anymore.


It's a good idea to make people pay the Season Pass or some items in the shop because people pay to have something that the others can't have (excepted if they buy it as well) ! What I mean is that people buy those things in order to be different than the others. 

But no one will use the boosters with the crowns because you don't want someone that steal your items if they kill you. So this is why there's never some boosters and it starts to be boring for the players.


Probably it would be a good idea to use the MATERIALS to buy the boosters and make them a bit expensive (for instance : 8.000 materials for x1 booster - or higher) and I'm pretty sure that people will use a lot more boosters which will make the game a way funnier. Also, people will now hesitate between creating a weapon or use some boosters : materials will finally be useful. And probably you could sell then some materials in the boutique for some crowns. But don't use the crowns for the boosters, it will kill the game.


Thank you.


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