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[UK/EU] [MilSim] 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment

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1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment




About us


The 1st Royal Irish Regiment is a mil-sim unit that focuses on the player's enjoyment, immersion, realism of the scenario and brotherhood between the section. We do our best to create a unique gaming environment!

We were founded in October, with few members, but over time we have steadily expanded, with our current membership in the Discord sitting near 40.

The Royal Irish focus on Light Infantry tactics, which includes both on foot, and on board vehicles such as the Foxhound and Husky. However, we also have a RAF Wing attached, which focus on Helicopter piloting, but also have Fixed Wing available.


Our Requirements


  • Minimum age of 13 years (exceptions can be made)
  • Legal copy of ArmA III
  • Working Microphone
  • Be able to attend one event a week
  • Be a mature and serious person.


How do I join?


Enlistment is simple, navigate to our website, discord or Teamspeak mentioned down below, and follow the following instructions:

For the website: Navigate to the Enlistment tab and follow the instructions given.

For discord: Click on the 'Recruitment' channel and follow instructions given in the embed.

For teamspeak: Contact a recruiter!









Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to reply to this post, or contact one of our fine staff members on the above media!


I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

    -2LT Matthew Kelly


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