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Task Force Bravo is a fun, casual gaming community with an army theme. We play a wide variety of games ranging from Arma 3, Company of Heroes, Hearts of Iron and many more! We have a semi-realism attitude that enables a solid structure and tactical gameplay whilst maintaining a relaxed environment. 


Why join TFB?

We support all our members to provide an enjoyable, diverse gaming community. 



18+  | Arma 3 (w/Apex DLC) | Microphone | Ability to be use initiative and think critically


Contact Us:

Teamspeak: TS.taskforcebravo.co.uk (Contact Moominpappa or Chris)

Website: http://taskforcebravo.co.uk/index.html

Unit Profile: https://units.arma3.com/unit/taskforce-bravo

Timezone: International

Language: English

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