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Dynamic Recon Ops (DRO): Join in Progress?

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Hello, fellow Arma players!

In my community, on our Linux designated server that I run, we use a customized version of @mbrdmn's fantastic "Dynamic Recon Ops" (DRO) missions with extra player slots, Zeus slots, an integrated view distance script, and a few other minor changes. The main problem that we are having now is that DRO is not designed to accommodate late comers. Since @mbrdmn intends DRO to be for small, integrated groups, it makes sense that the mission is designed with the intention of everyone starting together, but in our group, it is simply the case that some players have to join in progress.

Does anyone know of an effective way to enable a useful Join in Progress (JIP) option within DRO?

For now, the best solution that we have found is using Zeus with Achilles to teleport the incoming player to our exact position and spawn a private virtual arsenal for him. However, that method is terribly inconvenient in the middle of a mission. What would be more convenient would be something like, for example, letting the incoming player use the virtual arsenal from the map menu and then halo jump to a position that we mark on the GPS.

Please note that, although I have light experience with scripting, it is mostly at the level of copying and pasting, so I would need quite a bit of hand holding with any script- or code-based solution.

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

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13 hours ago, davidoss said:

link your mission and we will help you to rewrite it to make JIPs happy

@davidoss, thank you for the reply.

Here is a link to the .pbo file of the mission on Google Drive. Please let me know if it would be better to share the file via a different means:

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