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Russian movies

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Veteran lurker, Bushcat on steam,found a Russian film on you tube by random.It is called КРУТОЙ БОЕВИК "Разведка" русские фильмы 2016, боевики, криминал.

I did a Google translate and it came up with Intelligence 2016?

Any Arma 2 vets or RHS fans be advised to check it out.I would ask any of our Russian friends to provide a HD Download link  and/or English subs,please?

Obviously a propaganda film as are hollywood flicks like top gun etc.But very good combat scenes and acting!

Apologies if i posted in the wrong place?

As im here i would like to pay tribute to the boys that changed Arma for me.

Gunther,Genesis,Zerobyte?Arkir and his eye balls,and possibly many more,you know who you are,forgive me.

Last note: Antistasi single player.Thank you Barbolani(Alberto?)You have made Arma 3 what it should be for me.

Collecting 3 smoke grenades allowed me to take kavala castle single handedly.

(after recon dieing 5 times!)

Thank you:)

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