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Delete and add road shape streets on Jackson_County dont work

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Hello Community,


I would like to make a Lakeside Life Server. To solve this I downloaded the Jackson County source files, mounted my P drive and unpacked my needed Mod pbos to the P drive . Terrain Builder and Bulldozer are working fine. BUT.

Some of the roads were placed as shape roads and other as Object from E76. The Bridge on Jackson County doesnt work. I can delete the Objects from the bridge and the Road objects . Buit under the Bridge is also a shape road. If i delete the shape and export the layers, then the street is still there in Bulldozer and Arma 3. And I have also a issue with placing roads . I can place roads as objects but I cant place them as road shapes.If I place them as road shapes, I dont see them in Bulldozer and Arma 3.I made all like in the Tutorials on Youtube or like tutorials on forums. I hope somebody can help me to delete road shapes so i can´t see them in Bulldozer and Arma 3.


I hope somebody can help me.


Greetings from Germany


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