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★3rd Marine Expeditionary Force [MilSim] [RECRUITING]★

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Hello everyone!


Our unit is a semi realistic milsim unit based on the real 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force. We perform a range of different operations from stealth insertions to high-intensity combat allowing our members to experience more than one type of warfare, something most units don’t achieve.


We are currently in the process of filling the third squad in our platoon which is in need of leadership/specialization positions.


Roles Available


Within our unit there are a range of different role our members can undertake. We will help anyone of our members to achieve their goals of whatever role they want.


Below is a list of the current roles available:

-Squad/Team Leader


-Field Radio Operator

-Demolitions Specialists

-Combat Medics

-Auto Rifleman

-Scout Sniper/Spotter


How do you apply?


Applying is very simple all you have to do is fill out the application on our website and then one of our recruiters will get back to you with further instructions (contact info at the bottom).



What training is required?


We believe the best way to learn is through doing it for real which is why we only have one short basic combat training that everyone will need to complete to be able to reach the rank Private Second Class. To go above the rank of Private Second Class you will need to complete the Advanced Infantry Training which allows you to achieve any of the ranks within the unit.


To gain a specialized role you may be required to complete a specialization training which with teach the basics of the role you will fill.


Current specialization trainings are:


-Combat Medic

-Radio Telecommunication


When do we Operate?


We perform Main Operations on Saturdays at 7pm GMT which are controlled by professional gamemasters which place the players first, ensuring that everyone has fun.


Unit Training occurs on Saturdays at 5pm GMT, however if the players are on then it will be whenever requested.


Mini-Operations occur throughout the week all of which are dependent on the amount of players on the server and whether people want a mission, however there will be at least 2 mini-operations a week.


If you are interested out links are below

Our Website http://4thmarinesregiment.enjin.com

Teamspeak IP:

Steamgroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4thMarinesRegiment#






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