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King Jakucha

Am I the only one who's having issues with campfires and fireplaces?

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Just after the apex release, I was working on a mission and decided to place some campfires, but soon realized during a test play-through that they were very dim, this pretty much ruined the immersion since it was quite reliant on campfires.

Months later it dawned on me that it wasn't actually that the lights from the campfires are dim, rather its that somehow the light source its self is positioned a meter or two above the campfire (in the air), thus making it appear like the fire is emitting a dim light, when it really isn't. This is very apparent when placing campfires/fireplaces next to buildings. This happens with any object that can be lit with the "inflame" command.


Let me show you:


Here's a picture of a painfully dim campfire



Looks dim, but not too horrible, right?


Here's a picture of the same campfire next to a building



Whoa, did you see that? Lets take a closer inspection.


As you can see, the campfire appears dim, but it is in fact not. The light source is somehow defying the laws of physics and floating above the fire, fracturing my already fragile sense of reality. That's some inception level fuckery right there, boys and girls.


In all seriousness though, I made a feedback ticket over a year ago concerning this issue, but have yet to receive any answers.

I've since embarked on a long quest to find others who suffer from the fireplace curse, but to no avail.

Every google search comes up with jack, to my disappointment.


So here's where my rambling ends and I leave you with an important question:


Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or is my game just hell-bent on trolling me?

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