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Special Boat Service GU

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Special Boat Service GU

The Special Boat Service Arma 3 Community. We are a no frills organization who work on teamwork and professionalism within our training and operations.

SBS aims to be small and elite, so we dont just take anyone, The minimum age to join is 18 with no exceptions. We take recruits with or without experience, and new members have the choice to either attend our basic training package or dive straight into selection.




Our Operations/Campaigns are all custom built in house missions where we strive to create realistic scenarios the real SBS may find themselfs in. They range from COIN , Conventional Warefare , Maritime and everything inbetween.

Our mission and training nights are

Wednesday, Saturday and 2000hrs UK

The basic requirements to join SBSGU;

Have a valid copy of ArmA 3.
Aged 18+.
Have a working Microphone.
Be able to attend at least one ArmA night a week.

Things we do


As Special Boat Service this is our bread and butter and dedicate most of our time to different maritime tasks

Such as:

-Anti piracy

-Submarine Exit and Re entry (E&RE)

-Small boat tactics (using our own specially made kayaks)

-Beach RECCE

-water infil/exfil by hely

-HALO into Water

-Underwater navigation

-working with submersibles

Once a candidate has passed selection he then goes onto the Swimmer canoeist course



This is how you earn your wings once badged a swimmer canoeist goes onto continuation training which includes HALO/HAHO

Jungle training and other skill trades such as medic, dems ect.

What now ?

Anyone interested can register on our website http://sbsgu.co.uk

and fill in the application on the forums.

Need more info ?

Either PM me on here or

add me on steam SBS-Gaz

jump onto our teamspeak :


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