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Solved: Model LOD issue

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I initially posted this topic in the wrong area, sorry about that.  It is called removed if any admins want to remove it.  Anway,


I have run into an issue while attempting to make custom particle effects for a mod I am creating.  From what I understand, the Universal.p3d model is what I need to edit for the particular effect I am testing right now.  The models are what link to the texture files, so I have to use models.  The A2 sample assets have a model so I used that to create my own Universal.p3d for my addon. 


When I test the effects in game, they work properly, but there is an issue with the alpha and there is a white outline and from a distance there are sharp edges and it looks as if there is a semi-transparent white background behind the particle itself. 


This isn't an issue with the texture because there are no artifacts or background pixels in the image, and the same thing happens with the vannila texture.  The issue seems to be with the model itself.  Any help would be appreciated.  I can also provide a screenshot if that would be helpful.


Edit: Here is a link to two images.  I think this link should work.

http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/BobTheHunted/library/Arma 3 Visual Artifacts

On the left are vanilla effects.  On the right are my test effects.  The zoomed image doesn't show the white boxes, but the distant one does.  Not sure why

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I figured out the issue.  I looked at the Blastcore configs on github and found that there was a configured section for cloudlets and cloudletshapes.  And another section for preloading those textures without mipmaps.  If anyone wants the details, just PM me

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