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J. Bowlin

2nd Battalion, 503rd PIR, 173rd ABCT Enlisting

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The 173rd was founded on September 18, 2016 by two people, passionate in their minds to have one of the best units they could create. as of right now, we only have a teamspeak until we get at least a squad or platoon, then will move on to get a functioning server to conduct operations and training on.


What We are looking for!


Currently we are looking for mature players willing to have leadership and combat effectiveness in ArmA 3. 

Requirements as follow:


Legit copy of ArmA 3 

Willing to download modsWilling to follow Chian of command.


MOS positions At the Moment:

11B- Infantryman

68W- Health Care Specialist (Medic)

25C- Radio Telephone Operator

153A- Rotary Wing Pilot


As of the moment, thats all for right now until we grow more, but hop on to teamspeak between the times of 1730 EST through 2230 EST on Weekdays to talk and/or enlist! Also, people with prior Airborne qualifications and experience with previous unit, may be eligible to gain the Airborne pin instant over here with valid proof of prior experience. This is due to us being MIL-sim and real life, that travels with you!


TS IP: 173rdabct.ts-ip.com


Add me on steam if you must talk to me before coming onto TS.



    2LT J. Bowlin

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