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"createSoundSource" volume differs by crew position

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When a SoundSource is created, the volume differs for the player(s) by their crew position when the source is created and affects the perceived volume permanent!

(i.e. switching seats / exit vehicle doesn't  change the volume back to "normal")


Arma 3 1.56.134787
Win 7 x64


- none

Steps to reproduce:

- Place FIA Offroader (the vehicle doesn't matter but they have different crew positions that are affected)
- CreateSoundSource (alarm) at playerPos (remember volume for reference)
- delete SoundSource
- enter vehicle as co-driver (ride in back)
- createSoundSource (alarm)
-> Notice the difference in volume (I hardly hear the sound)
- exit the vehicle
-> still not the same volume as if created while player was outside the car (thus it's not the car muffling the sound)
- delete SoundSource
- enter vehicle as driver
- createSoundSource (alarm)
- switch to co-driver
-> sound is muffled but still louder than when created as co-driver


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Hope you guys fix the bugtracker, this Forum is obviously ill suited for bug reports. -.-

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