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[FH] Forlorn Hope Gaming Group | Wasteland Server - Altis|

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Wasteland - Altis


Forlorn Hope Gaming Group is happy to announce the arrival of our own dedicated Altis Wastland server. If you're looking for a new home in the wastes, with active admins, and enforced server rules then you should pop in and check it out.

Server Features:

- West-Coast server.

- Active Admins.

- 40 player slots.

- 6 hour restarts beginning at 9am PST.

- High gear and vehicle spawn rate.

- No underwater missions!

- Full base, vehicle, and player saving.

- No mods needed!

Server Info:

- Server IP:

- Server Port: 2378

- Just search for "Forlorn Hope".

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have you got gameplay vids or something?

simple curiosity :P

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and.. what about stratis?

IMO Altis is a bit huge for only 40 players..


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Hey Headpop, thanks for stopping by! The Forlorn Hope Gaming Group does have some videos but since the server is quite new we have not uploaded any footage from our new server. Hopefully we will be able to get some soon though.

The reason we decided on Altis with the 40 person server cap is because while we quite enjoy pvp action, we feel like the pvp in our server should be intense and unpredictable, instead of constant as it might be on a smaller map like Stratis.

Thank you for the luck, we may need it!

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