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This is a co-op mission where a squad of 8 soldiers assault a randomly chosen position on Altis.

  • 96 possible locations.
  • No Add-ons Required.
  • Random Time of Day and Weather.
  • Virtual Arsenal for custom loadouts.
  • Multiple insertion options.
  • SRS Revive - Medic Only with a small window until bleed-out. CSSA3 Spectator script upon death.
  • Recommend running ASR AI 3

Download off of Steam Workshop:


Armaholic mirror:

- Random Assault Co-08

Please report any bugs you find.

Change log:

V 0.85:

  • Fix for issue that would cause equipment to be lost by players when a new JIP connected.
  • Added fool-proofing to the HALO option to insure that players w/o a parachute are not allowed to execute the option
  • Added in Zenophon's Damage Multiplier
  • Modified spawn script to remove possibly of the recon units being utilized
  • Modified random weather script to have weighed probabilities for the different types of weather (i.e. more likely to be clear than foggy)
  • Increased patrol range
  • Adjusted Dawn Time

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