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Two seperate objects, and one lights up?

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Okay so need some help here. I basically have a pair of NVG's I would like to wear but when one turns on I would like a separate object to turn on with it. How, and what would the script look like to achieve this. I basically want to light up the other ojbect more than the other. THan when it turns off that other object will either be gone or invisible. It basically has to turn on with the NVG's. I have no scripting knowledge really lol so any help is greatly appreciated as alwasy.

Below is the test config that I'm currently using for just random old objects.

class CfgPatches {

class lpnvg21 {

units[] = {};

weapons[] = {"LPNVG21"};

requiredVersion = 0.1;

requiredAddons[] = {};



class cfgWeapons {

class ItemCore; // External class reference

class InventoryItem_Base_F; // External class reference

class HeadgearItem;

class NVGoggles;

class lpnvg21: NVGoggles


displayName = "LPNVG21";

nameSound = "nvgoggles";

simulation = "NVGoggles";

showEmpty = 0;

muzzlePos = "usti hlavne";

muzzleEnd = "konec hlavne";

value = 5;

opticsZoomMin = 1;

opticsZoomMax = 1;

modelOptics = "\LPNVG21\scopelpnvg21.p3d";

model = "\A3\Weapons_f\binocular\nvg_proxy";

picture = "\lpnvg21\ui\lpnvg_ca.paa";

descriptionUse = "$STR_A3_cfgWeapons_Default_NVGoggles1";

class Library


libTextDesc = "$STR_LIB_NV_GOGGLES";


descriptionShort = "$STR_DSS_NV_GOGGLES";

class ItemInfo

type = 616;

hmdType = 0;

uniformModel = "\LPNVG21\lpnvg21on.p3d";

modelOff = "\LPNVG21\lpnvg21off.p3d";

mass = 4;





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I'm really kind of confused at the goal of tihs, do you think you could try explaining it in more detail?

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