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1st Infantry Division [US Army][ACE/I44 Hybrid Unit]

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1st Infantry Division

The first infantry division is one of the longest running I44 Unit's out there in the world of ArmA and we have finally decided to expand out into the marvellous world of ACE.

We accept members who are mature and have a great passion for MilSim gaming.

We try to incorporate all types of real aspects that are used in the US army whether that is Formations, Combat movement or just general radio chatter.

But I have no idea what I44/ACE is!

Don't worry, as we have a wide amount of people in our unit who can teach you everything you need to know about ACE, whether that is demolitions training or Combat medical training, I am sure someone can help you.

When you first sign up we can provide an ACE BCT or Basic combat training, which will hopefully teach you all the necessity's you need to know to perform well in your squad.

Upon completion of the BCT you will be granted all the jobs/assignments you wish to complete, Also upon completion you will be entitled to any other training courses which are on offer such as; Officer training, piloting, Squad leading and Radio telecommunications.

Obviously these are optional but it should give you some oppurtunities within the unit.

If you wish to join, and are mature please join our teamspeak at or visit our website at: http://thebigredone.net/

We also have a 24/7 dedicated MSO server which we daily do gaming nights as a whole, so hop on and play with us sometime, just filter for 'Big Red One'

If you have any questions or queries please comment below or join our teamspeak and find someone with the Big red one tag!

Below are some pictures of our troop, in all environments:




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Added: Bravo Squad EOD team

Added: Aviation element

Soon to be added: Charlie Squad

Events: Public Patrol ops mission every night

Unit missions: Campaign being worked on

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