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Kill survive win

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Hunger Games

Development began on 3/11/2013.


I have been working on this mission for some time now and it is slowly getting there. With each update come more things i can add in.

KILL, SURVIVE, WIN is based off the movies Hunger Games and Battle Royale. The goal is to survive. Players must scavenge for weapons, food anything to help them win. Anything goes. Betrayal is commonplace and alliances are short lived. 24 players start in a circle and in the middle you will find food, water, weapons and back packs. The backpacks have assorted items in them. When the game starts you can run to the centre and stock up or take your chances in the wilderness. At the end of the day there can only be one winner. Will it be you. There can only be one winner. Anything goes. Kill ore be killed.


you can find all the info here

We are in early stages of testing atm.

You can find more info about the mission here KILL SURVIVE WIN

Thanks for your time.


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