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Task Force Reaper




Task Force Reaper Is Part of United Kingdom Combat Simulations.

With the War on terror taking new turns and spreading across the globe. World leaders have had to re-think their strategy .

UKCS command has been instructed to form Task Force Reaper. A self sufficient Task Force which can deploy at a moments notice to any part of the world.

The Task Force is made up of three elements.


Task Force Reaper Special Operations Group (TFR-SOG)

SOG is the Special Operations element of TFR. They carry out Special Reconnaissance, Direct Action, as well as Tier one black ops, counter insurgency.

TFR-SOG falls under direct command of UKCS command,

They are made up of members from UK and US special forces, Members from SOSG have to serve within SOSG for three months before they can volunteer for SOG, Although after one months service they can be attached for some ops.

To be a SOG Trooper volunteers must pass a rigorous selection and training course. Once in SOG, Troopers can then do other specialist courses such as demolitions, Sniper and HALO/HAHO jumps.

Life in TFR-SOG is demanding but rewarding, It is made up of the best UKCS has to offer. SOG Troopers are required to put in more time and effort than SOSG and need to be able to work alone or in small groups for long periods, sometimes without firing a single shot.


Special operations Support Group (TFR-SOSG)

SOSG's main role is to provide support for TFR-SOG during operations. This could include diversionary tactics, protective cordons and extra firepower. Apart from this SOSG can work indipendantly conducting its own operations. SOSG is structured the same as an infantry platoon. It is made up of members of 1 PARA and RM Commando's. To join SOSG, recruits must firat pass a Combat Infantryman's Course (CIC). This is a a demanding but fun course where recruits will learn all the basics of soldiering. Once completed members can then move onto trade/ specialist training, such as Parachute, Medic and signals courses.


Special Operations Air Wing (TFR-SOAW)

SOAW is the Air support element of TFR. The wing uses a variety of airframes such as the Littlebird, Merlin and Apache gunships. SOAW can also be called to support other units on operations, SOAW falls under UKCS Command and is made up of pilots and crews from all three services. SOAW is the smallest element of TFR so places could be hard to come by. Members who wish to join SOAW can do so once they have passed CIC, provided there are places available. But potential pilots must pass CIC first. Training for the Wing lasts two weeks and covers all aspects of troop movement, from largescale moves to small SF rope insertions. SOAW pilots are required to be well disciplined, as some missions may need only one short flight, but other nights pilots could be the busiest people on the battlefield. Pilots can volunteer for spells in SOSG to give them a break now and again.

Do YOU have what it takes ?



The Boring stuff

Our mission and training nights are Wednesdays and Saturdays, but we can be found on our ts most nights.

We have our own dedicated Teamspeak 3 and Game servers.

The minimum age to join is 18, no exceptions

We have a basic training package.

We use Taskforce Radio for proper coms.

We use mods..........lots of them

We have both current and former UK and US servicemen in our ranks

We are a small select group, we don't take just anybody.

We are looking for mature members who don't take themselves too seriously, We don't call people sir and don't hand out ribbons for quals, (ribbons are what my daughter wears in her hair)






If you are experienced in arma and leading squads/sections, please pm me because we are looking for section commanders.

We are also looking for other groups for joint ops.

So if you want to join please go to our Website , Register and fill out our short application. Or pm me here for more info.

See you on the battlefield (or in the pub)

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