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S.P.Q.R. EU Clan

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The S.P.Q.R. is a new clan, created by me and a couple of friends, for Arma 2 (in future we will move to Arma 3). Mostly we make COOP missions.

If you are thinking that S.P.Q.R. is not an appropriate name for a clan in this game, well, let me tell you that you're missing something...the ancient roman military organization is the "mother" of the modern military organization, so i don't see any problem in this :P.

We are here to have fun, we aren't "pro" players.

The enrollment is free and open to everyone, we don't care if you're not skilled enought. If you love the game and you're a good person you're welcome =)

We play tactical, but usually not simulating.

Our rules are very simple:

1-respect the other players and the authority

2-try to don't say too much bad worlds in TeamSpeak and on our forum

3-and think twice before say something that can offend someone else

Even the clan is new, and we don't have members at the moment i'm writing this post, we still have our organization.

Our clan will be divided into 4 legions (yes, legions, we remain in roman theme):

Legio I Italica (infantry division)

Legio IX Flavia Felix (divers and marines division)

Legio VI Ferrata (armored division)

Legio XII Fulminata (air wing and paratroopers)

We also have a hierarchy, inspired to the ancient roman organization:

Legatus Legionis (is the chief commander of all the 4 legions)

Tribunus (is the commander of the legion)

Centurio (is a team leader inside the legion)

Legionaries, divided into Triarii, Principes and Hastati (in order from the veteran ones to the newcomers)

Here is our forum: http://spqrcommunity.forumattivo.it/

Remember to contact me here via PM before register on the forum

And here a little presentation video (nothing special, i'm not so good in such things):


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