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Whiskey-platoon altis life server now up

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Would like to announce the launch of our altis life server, here is a list of what he have thus far.

dedicated box

many cool and useful custom scripts.

custom skins

more jobs

whitelisted rebels

5 public cop slots

whitelisted PD

public shooting range and offroad park

training bases for cops and rebels.

whitelisted gangs with CUSTOM gang shops filled with weapons and custom skins both vehicle and clothing.

we are US based and are mature gamers, the admin staff are very nice and abuse of any kind is not tolerated.

our TS3 is ts3.whiskey-platoon.com and our website is www.whiskey-platoon.com

our server can be found by searching (whiskey) in the filter.

we have many things being added as i type this such as custom items for civs and gang members.

our server is very RP oriented and TROLLING and unjust killing will NOT be tolerated. we are holding events twice a week.

we also have player neighborhoods and donator items available. we can also build custom bases for gangs and civs.

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