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AI FSM Formation doStop setDestination doMove issues

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i want to create a new formation.fsm as Mod.

I testet many things but i have found some problems.

First the most of formation commands can be done by setDestination.

I found the dokumentation here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDestination

But there is somethings wrong.

The discription says:






and I found







First I start with a group of 8 AI soldiers and told them to move with:

unit setDestination [_newpos, "LEADER DIRECT", false];

After that 4 of 8 Soldiers are moving around, but do not move to the _newpos.

Next I try doStop for each unit, without leader, cause here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doStop is written this:

DoStop'ed units leave the groups formation. It will prevent the unit from moving around with their group (or formation leader), while still beeing able to turn around and even move to a new position if they see fit. They will still respond to orders from their group leader (like engage, rearm, board a vehicle), but all of their actions will be separate from the group formation .

and give them unit setDestination [_newpos, "LEADER DIRECT", false]; and later I tried to use _x doMove _newpos;

But the AI stays allways nailed in V-Formation.

Any suggestions?

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I change my .fsm script and give the dostop and domove command to the leader too. Now the group is moving but if they reach the new position, they move back to the Formation.

It's very interesting to see, that the goup members are only moving if the leader is moving too.

I'm not sure if that is a BIS mistake or if that caused by my knowledge, but is there someone who can confirm that doStop is for using AI-unit leaving the group formation?

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