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European Strike Force Coop Group open for ArmA 3 now!

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European Strike Force (ESF) is new group in the universe of ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 that focuses on realistic recreation of various aspects of the battlefield as well as removal of unnecessary ones for gaming community. That means you will be pleased with tactical realism, military planning, trainings organized both for theory and practice and milsim approach in weekly coop games hosted on Fridays, 2000 GMT 0 and besides, friendly atmosphere. On the other hand, you will not encounter military rank structure inside the group: we of course define SLs, TLs etc., but don't have military-like hierarchy set. You will also avoid bureaucracy, as we don't need more formalism than application form. You may learn everything with us and you are warmly welcome as long as you stick to few very simple rules.

Just register on the forums, fill in short application, enlist for coop, get needed addons and play!

Furthermore, ESF is Europe based group trying to introduce some spirit found on the Old Continent. That means we rarely play US Forces. Instead, fictional nations from Armaverse are being chosen and - of course! - the European ones! We play Germans, Czechs, Poles, British, Georgians and others, so there is high chance that you will be able to fight your own country's force in multinational, open group.

What do we expect from our members:

We are looking for mature players who shall devote themselves to the group in 3 ways:

1. Active players, especially on our weekly Friday Coops (on 20:00 hours Greenwich time).

2. We seek for mature players that can make up a good team, keep the climate and “feeling†of the game and can find themselves in various missions, from funny run'n'gun ones to mil-sims.

3. They will devote themselves to the group. By that we mean giving something for the community, like skills, knowledge or work (especially mission-making, helping with video materials, some arts etc.).

Besides there are basic technical requirements:

1. At least ArmA 3, ArmA 2 CO is though very welcome. Legal copies only.

2. Working microphone, TeamSpeak program.

3. Steam (required for Arma 3).

What We Offer:

1. At least 1 weekly mission on Friday, with possibility for mid-week missions. The missions are always prepared for correct amount of players, with various gameplay, including briefings (spoken or written), strategic and tactical situations.

2. Nice atmosphere of friendly people from numerous countries with various interests to share and develop.

3. Simple or complex training on various military tactics, weapons and roles for interested, bringing even a green player into advanced environment offered in European Strike Force. Mission-makers or addon-makers that are experienced, can also be attained.

4. Well arranged and clean website and forums.

5. Intense and interesting video footage from most of our operations.

6. JoinOps or RealOps with other groups, national or international.

Interested? Make sure you look at couple of videos of ours!




Interested? Do not hesitate, but help building up promising community and become a part of it!

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We have entered the new year in the active manner and some videos has been released.

The Gotterdamerung operation was a RealOps game between a number of groups speaking different languages (ESF, SAT, [V], ACC), telling a tale about a bridge somewhere in Normandy in 1944, where US Airborne forces are tasked to capture it (SAT, [V]) from defending Luftwaffe division (ACC) that has been teased for some time now by local Resistance groups (ESF). But Resistance represents French government of de Gaulle and they will not give the control over the bridge to the Americans just like that.

After all, German forces, however suffered heavy losses, managed to secure the bridge for long enough so that Pioneers came in and destroyed it. The event was organized by ESF and [V] and gathered as much as 50 players that day.

Operation Aspis, part 3 is example of how failed operation develops with just one, sole survivor in the end. Story is rather dramatic and develops badly as it goes, however it is worth watching nonetheless.

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OK, here goes an update, I will now try to update weekly, as soon as we have time and resources for it.

Last Friday's mission was about a group of crew of Chedaki T-55 tank and reimaner of engineers after US bombing in Operation Harvest Red. Task was to capture some fuel, refuel and slightly repair the tank and make our way to Soviet border. Sadly, after heavy and long fighting US and CDF elements managed to hit a tank and thus no Chedaki survivors were there.

This session was played in ArmA 2, however we stick to ArmA 3 for most of the time.

If you are a single player, or a bunch of friends, who seek for other bunch of friends to play with and you enjoy tactical approach and considerable realism of the missions - do not hesitate! Help building our group for ArmA 3 and ArmA 2 today!

Visit europeanstrikeforce.com for more info!

Link to the gallery of last mission:


Also, the videos are coming, make sure you dont miss them!


Today, we present you another video, this time it is "Firefight Mission". We use such missions for training in fireteams, as they are only either 4 or 8 player capable, with strict FT roles recognition and standarized equipment. Usually such missions are patrols, advances towards enemy controlling small territory or defend-like style. They allow our members to improve themselves in teamwork and buddyteam combat. Can also be used for checking for new TLs and SLs among us. Usually a high level or randomness is implemented, to allow high scale replayability rather than going though it again.

Remember! If you are willing to fill out ranks, join small, but organized community of friends playing together both ArmA 2 and ArmA 3, do not hesitate! Visit EUROPEANSTRIKEFORCE.COM and apply today!

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Hello from ESF again!

It has been a while now, but much is happening within our group with few new members and - as always - mixed activity between ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 games, where players have both fun and realism. All suited for their needs.

Let me make a summary of most interesting events of February and mid-March. More updates and videos to follow shortly!


We are in African climate right now. Majority of the group says African Conflict Mod is one of the best released so far that provides at least basic feeling of modern day flashpoints rather than 2035+ battles we see kinda limited in their possibilities. So, Altis switches to north-west Africa on couple of occasions:

Aid Convoy - 20140221

In this scenario Lebanese led UN Mission is stationed in insurgency driven, unspecified African country with Government troops too weak to contain rising anger of the population. UN patrols are trying to stabilise situation, but - as always - their restricted rules of engagement complicate their fragile situation even more and lead to ultimate defeat in the end.

UN was effective in delivering supplies and fighting off several rebel groups, but sadly powerful ambush finally wiped the UN convoy. BUT: there was a continuation of this mission that will soon be published. I can say continuation was one of the best missions so far and expect amazing footage. Soon.

Bounty Hunters - 20140307

In the meantime, a mercenary team is dispatched in the very other side of the island, in order to assassinate a warlord. This was Ian's baptism of fire as operation commander. Mission was quite tough, with enemy forces counting dozens of rebels, however they did not dispose night equipment and their training was pretty grim. With heavy casualties of 5 members out of 8 mission was completed with all objectives done. Lets first see some screenshots of it:


And of course a video. Damn, chapel assault fail still haunts me. Remember: number 2 CANNOT delay his entry :P

In the meantime, there was...


First of all: Tales of Cold Spring 1989 campaign series. Sadly, we have no video from that since our job in this campaign is mainly technical and there no good footage from our side. Sadly, other groups are also recording on limited level, but I will try to post anything when I lay my hand on it.

In short: We have made contact with a couple of groups enjoying historical reconstructions and we organized a 60 players coop on Project 85 mod in which other clans take control of directly recreated company sized element (with accuracy to a single magazine) of NATO or Warsaw Pact armies in hypothetical WW3 scenario in 1989. Campaign is aimed on massiveness, conventional warfare and loads of heavy gear. We, as ESF, are "game admins". We control AIs and more important vehicles and provide dynamic reaction to other clan decisions, we call in artillery, airstrikes, we intercept their radio traffic. All of that to make greater challenge for the others. Such game was played on 28th of February, next one is scheduled on 4th of April. Hopefully we will have some footage to share with you!

Out of the other missions: a simple week time coop. Standard "go there, secure the town" on Takistan. Standard tactical aspect of firefight, we like to practice that. Here goes the video:

And here goes the delayed footage of tank stalking mission I was showing screenshots of on 3rd of February. We still don't know what hit us, most likely AT-4 we missed. Pitty, because that raid could have succeeded. And watch this dramatic struggle with our wounds. No morphine over entire mission, we were fainting one after another. Brilliant spirit was there though.

And thats it from the news!

Remember! ESF doors are open to everyone who think may fit in! Remember to visit our website at europeanstrikeforce.com and out forums at http://forum.europeanstrikeforce.com/ to check for incoming coops and - of course! - APPLY!

We are waiting for you in our cosy community!

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