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.RPT message on wine/FreeBSD - is it harmless or not?

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When running under wine under FreeBSD, the following messages appear in the .rpt file, along with a messagebox relating to the former file:

Warning Message: Addon 'A3_Functions_F' requires addon 'A3_BaseConfig_F'
Warning Message: Addon 'A3_UI_F' requires addon 'A3_UIFonts_F'

The error doesn't seem to be present on Windows-native or Windows-under-VM machines.

Additionally, following errors appear:

Warning Message: Custom font puristamedium is not present, it was replaced by Arma3 default font.
Warning Message: No entry 'config.bin/CfgFontFamilies.PuristaMedium'.
Warning Message: No entry '.fonts'.
Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array

Exe timestamp: 2013/08/29 19:08:20
Current time:  2013/08/29 20:37:06

Type: Public Beta
Branch: Development
Version: 0.77.109586

However, despite all that, the game starts using default multiplayer missions.

Could you please explain which file isn't parsed correctly, or not opened at all? I can run an API tracer where the binary changes .dll boundaries to Wine-implemented ones, as well as a syscall tracer. However, the produced files are humongous.

I understand that running different implementations of Win32 API isn't supported, but surely it'd help not just me but also other Linux/FreeBSD server users. Moreover, Wine can be improved by more closely adhering to the elephantine Windows API/ABI.

Edit: What's saddening is that this message *also* appears on the stable branch.

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What filesystem are you using? Are you sure that all the files are correct and that integrity is preserved? I'd attempt to create a prefix under an NTFS or FAT32 partition and see if you still get the error, after 'verifying files', of course.

Otherwise, it might be worth looking into:

  • File/directory permissions
  • Directory names - check that you don't have a mix of lower/upper-case directories or files mixing up WINE. It doesn't really care about case, but you never do know. Possibly use the small C program included with the ARMA 2 Linux dedicated server or your own script to rename every file and folder to lower-case only.
  • WINE drive mapping - C: should be the prefix root, Z: should be your BSD root. Make sure that they exist in the WINE registry or through winecfg and point to the correct directories, make sure that the path to ARMA isn't ambiguous in Windows directory syntax (eg. no 'strange' symbols, nothing that could cause crazy escape string problems).

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