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[SOLVED] "Dataerror (CRC)"

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Since yesterday I become the following error message when I try to start Arma 3.

"Datenfehler (CRC-Prüfung)/ Dataerror (CRC)

1. I tried to uninstall the game and then I re-Installed it completely. But it didn't help.

2. I uninstalled my Graphicdriver and re-installed them too. The same like 1st.

The problem appears since yesterday evening. I made a mission with the editor. After that I closed Arma 3 and restarted my PC. After that I'm becoming this error message. I'm sure that this is not a hardware problem. There aren't no new windows updates installed.

I think maybe the Files from steam are damaged? Because I have the problem only with Arma 3. All other Steamgames are still working without problems. All Games on my Harddrive are still working. So that's why I'm thinking it has to be something to do with Arma 3.

I hope anybody have a solution for this problem.

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Ok. I found the problem. It looks like that my profile files were damaged. I deleted them and now I can start the game.

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