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Cezary Gaska

Buldozer 49p3d and 50p3d

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ok i just unpack all pbo's files from arma2 operation arrowhead , pmc, and british...add ons with

arma2p 2.5.1 but buldozer canot load type 49 from oa and types 50 from mikebart's veg...

So i'm trying to run convert48.cmd - still not working

so i'm trying to run convertp3d.exe - still noy wrking...


I need some help here Guys pls


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You're using the "2.5.1" version of Arma2P - that's correct, but it sounds like you may be using an older tools version...

The current latest version tools suite is 2.5.1 (same as Arma2P) - Get Them Here - these tools should be compatible with all A2 and OA models (but not Arma 3 models)

I'd make a backup of all your personal stuff on the P:\ drive - just to be sure - then reinstall all tools using the newest version... You should just be able to reinstall and overwrite your current tools in their current locations with the new version.....


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Ok.... but why convertp3d and convert 48.cmd not working like they suppose to..

Any way ... Thank you very much for help...

I w'll Try it

---------- Post added at 18:00 ---------- Previous post was at 17:21 ----------

Thank You Very Much man , You are the Man... operation aroww.. 49p3d and mikebart's 50p3d work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i can finish my damn map...

Thank You again....

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