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NVG Config?

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Question, I have shemaghs but instead of inheriting from the goggles I would like them to inherit from NVG. How and what should the config look like for this?

Here is my config:

class CfgPatches


class shemagh_neckD


units[] = {};

weapons[] = {};

requiredVersion = 0.1;

requiredAddons[] = {};



class CfgGlasses


class None;

class shemagh_neckD: None


displayname = "Neck Shemagh - Desert";

model = "\spec4_shemaghs\shemagh_neckD.p3d";

picture = "\spec4_shemaghs\UI\neckDicon.paa";

identityTypes[] = {"NoGlasses",0,"G_NATO_default",0,"G_NATO_casual",0,"G_NATO_pilot",0,"G_NATO_recon",0,"G_NATO_SF",0,"G_NATO_sniper",0,"G_NATO_diver",0,"G_IRAN_default",0,"G_IRAN_diver",0,"G_GUERIL_default",0,"G_HAF_default",0,"G_CIVIL_female",0,"G_CIVIL_male",0};


class shemagh_neckOD: shemagh_neckD


displayname = "Neck Shemagh - OD";

model = "\spec4_shemaghs\shemagh_neckOD.p3d";




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