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ARMA3 "Missing String" on ARMA3 Console

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Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I've just found (and think happened since last ARMA3 patch) When I start my server it doesn't look normal I instead see this.

12:55:59 Missing string STR_DS_SERVER_IDENTITY_CREATED

12:58:31 Missing string STR_MP_VALIDERROR_2

12:58:31 Missing string STR_DS_PLAYER_CONNECTING

12:58:32 Missing string STR_DS_PLAYER_CONNECTED

12:59:06 Missing string STR_DS_ADMIN_LOGGED_IN

12:59:17 Missing string STR_DS_ROLES_ASSIGNED

12:59:17 Missing string STR_DS_READING_MISSION

12:55:58 Missing string Missing string STR_DS_MISSION_READ

12:59:50 Missing string STR_DS_GAME_STARTED

Servers running Server 2012, Stable / DEV = same result.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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