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DLWGamers are looking to have a few friendly bouts on the Blitzkrieg maps.

We can put into the field about 8-10 players possibly more.

Terms of battle would be fight for control of the areas. If attacking team captures all points before time out, they win. If not defenders win. (Not the current points system in place.)

Each team would fight same match and on each side.

If a draw happens then it will be a fight on http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19363 too decide the winner.

If you would like to challenge us please join out Teamspeak on; ts.dlwgamers.com or post a reply here. (Alternatively on our website forums http://dlwgamers.com/?page_id=9)

Thank you

Regards DLWGamers community.:)

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